A new informal way of expressing the Christian faith

Using local mid-week monthly gatherings in unusual venues, many people find the Filling Station a vital part of their Christian life. This is not a new church denomination, rather a group of Christians who are celebrating their faith in God in an informal and authentic fashion...read more

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59th Filling Station meeting opens!

The latest Filling Station meeting to open it’s door has just started in Portsoy, a coastal town in Aberdeenshire. The team at this northern location are very excited that they are able to offer the normal faithful mix of sung worship, teaching, …Read more

Posted on 31st March 2015
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Swiss ski resort Filling Station opens

The first Filling Station in an Alpine ski resort opened on March the 9th and was pronounced a resounding success by those who attended. Over 35 people squeezed in to the ‘Cookie Cafe’ in Vilar-sur-Ollon, Switzerland to enjoy a faith packed Filling …Read more

Posted on 13th March 2015
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Car bumper stickers

New Filling Station logo bumper stickers have been produced and given out to every Filling Station meeting. If you haven’t collected one from a meeting, do look out for them when you visit one of the 56 Filing Stations now in operation. …Read more

Posted on 23rd February 2015
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Filling Station at work in Africa

Last October, the first Filling Station Mercy ministries team went off to S.Africa to serve with an organisation called ‘Hands at Work’ that works with orphans and vulnerable children in very poor rural communities. The team was made up of 8 people …Read more

Posted on 23rd January 2015
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New teaching resources for Filling Stations

A comprehensive teaching programme has been written up by the Filling Station Trust for use by all the local meetings. The 20 topic based talks have been prepared to help support the work of teaching the gospel effectively in a balanced, accessible …Read more

Posted on 07th January 2015
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Henley Filling Station hosts J.John & carols

The Henley Filling Station hosted a very successful evangelistic carol service on December 3rd 2014.  Over 350 people attended the evening of carols and teaching by the well known speaker, J.John.  Held in Henley’s Town Hall, the Filling Station team had worked …Read more

Posted on 02nd January 2015
General News
"Many of us will have heard about the Filling Station and how an increasing number of people are being affected by the Lord through it’s network of meetings. Young and old, inside & outside the Church, these meetings are permeating the countryside with faith. It is so evidently a work of God as the fruit is clear to see!"
Rev Paul Perkin, St.Mark’s, Battersea Rise, London
"I really think God is behind the Filling Station idea. I remember in the early days when people first started with Alpha, not knowing it would become the world wide phenomena that it now is. I believe that the Filling Station is the next thing that God is using to re-evangelise and change the rural parts of this country! There is clearly His favour on this movement and much good spiritual fruit is appearing through the Filling Station meetings.
Rev Mark Bailey, Holy Trinity, Cheltenham"