A new informal way of expressing the Christian faith

Using local mid-week monthly gatherings in unusual venues, many people find the Filling Station a vital part of their Christian life. This is not a new church denomination, rather a group of Christians who are celebrating their faith in God in an informal and authentic fashion...read more

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Second Kent Filling Station to open

A second Filling Station meeting is to start in Kent at Kilndown village hall on Wednesday November 19th. A team drawn from a variety of local churches in the Cranbrook/Goudhurst/Kilndown area have got together to host this new Filling Station meeting. The …Read more

Posted on 09th October 2014
Central Weald, General News
Irish:French flags

Spreading abroad!

Filling Station meetings are becoming increasingly popular outside the UK.  Two countries that have bought into the Filling Station model of renewal & evangelism are France and Ireland.  Over the winter months new meetings will be starting in these two countries and …Read more

Posted on 28th August 2014
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Video from Cornwall Filling Stations

A recent video recorded at our Cornwall Filling Stations    

Posted on 05th July 2014
Falmouth, General News, The Lizard

Cancellation of October Stirling Renewal Weekend

The Filling Station leadership have decided to cancel the 2014 Renewal weekend planned for October in Stirling. We plan to offer various alternative ‘Renewal & Equipping’ events in Scotland in 2015. Keep checking back to our website for more details over the next few …Read more

Posted on 01st July 2014
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Does God still speak in dreams and visions today

Please come and join us on Friday 6th June at 7:30 in the Chapel Hall, Ashton under Hill. Jenny Campbell will be speaking to us on the subject Does God still speak in dreams and visions today? We see throughout scripture God …Read more

Posted on 03rd June 2014
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Sarah Stockinger

The Filling Station keeps growing!

The Filling Station ministry continues to grow apace. A new meeting is opening every week at present and we are seeing a doubling of the ministry’s activities every year. People become Christians through the local Filling Station meetings on a regular basis. …Read more

Posted on 18th May 2014
General News
"Many of us will have heard about the Filling Station and how an increasing number of people are being affected by the Lord through it’s network of meetings. Young and old, inside & outside the Church, these meetings are permeating the countryside with faith. It is so evidently a work of God as the fruit is clear to see!"
Rev Paul Perkin, St.Mark’s, Battersea Rise, London
"I really think God is behind the Filling Station idea. I remember in the early days when people first started with Alpha, not knowing it would become the world wide phenomena that it now is. I believe that the Filling Station is the next thing that God is using to re-evangelise and change the rural parts of this country! There is clearly His favour on this movement and much good spiritual fruit is appearing through the Filling Station meetings.
Rev Mark Bailey, Holy Trinity, Cheltenham"